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PE 수도 보온 외피관 압출 line

Heating cover PE water pipe extrusion line


용도 / Application

ㆍ지역 난방 시스템
ㆍ스팀배관 (열병합 발전소, 산업단지)
ㆍ자체 가열용 화학물질 이송배관
ㆍ동파 방지 배관
ㆍ냉매 배관, 온천수 배관
ㆍ급수, 송수. 배수, 냉온수의 일반 배관로
ㆍDistrict cooling and heating system
ㆍSteam pipe laying (cogeneration plant, industrial complex)
ㆍPipe for conveying chemical materials for autonomous heating
ㆍPipe to prevent pipe breaking
ㆍRefrigerant pipe, Mineral water pipe
ㆍPipes for water supply, conveyance, drainage, piping of cold/hot water and other piping

제품 / product